Belmont Fashion Essentials: Women's Edition

Posted by Carolynn Wilcox on Mar 9, 2016, 10:57:00 AM
 There’s no shortage of advice on how to dress for horse races, and the Belmont Stakes is no exception.  Here’s our guide on how to plan the perfect outfit for the third and final jewel of the legendary Triple Crown!


It will be summer, after all!  Lilly Pulitzer is a go-to for eye-popping colors in classy, conservative styles that are perfect for summer temps.  Tropical patterns and bright, eye-catching tones are the norm for Lilly outfits and are a big reason why this brand is such an integral piece in any woman’s spring/summer wardrobe.  From tasteful shift dresses to rompers to separates – Lilly has them all!  Browse all their current styles on their website.

belmont-stakes-how-to-dress-womenIf you’re searching for more low-key colors and patterns that still celebrate the warm weather, you can’t go wrong with pastels.  Though traditionally they’re thought of as springy colors, they’re cooler than hot, tropical tones and who knows – maybe they’ll cool you off!  Another fabulous option is dressing in all-black, all-white, or a combination of both.  The monochromatic look is extremely popular in New York.  You can never go wrong with an LBD (Little Black Dress) or a similar white frock – both allow you to play up other aspects of your outfit.  Just remember that black attracts heat, so you won’t want to be in the sun too long if you’re dressed in all black!


“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.”

- Clairee, Steel Magnolias

While any woman can attest to this as a God-given truth, exercise caution when you pick out your accessories for the Belmont Stakes.  It’s a summer race, and even though ladies don’t sweat – they glisten – overheating is a very real threat, and fine jewelry can be ruined by perspiration.  Pearls are a must at similarly auspicious occasions, but if you plan on being outdoors at all, leave authentic pearls at home where they’ll be safe.  The acidity of sweat can erode the layers of genuine pearls, causing them to lose their natural luster.  If you can’t be seen out without your pearls, wear a set of clever imitations. 

As for other jewelry, remember the golden rule – keep it simple.  The last thing you want is a pair of earrings that weighs two pounds dragging your lobes down as you try to keep up with the head-turning action on the track.  We suggest that instead of worrying over jewelry, turn your focus to your hat, makeup, and shoes.  Lip color is the best way to express your personality with makeup, and you can’t go wrong with a pair of brightly-colored heels!


Speaking of hats – much like its sister race on the Triple Crown trail, the Kentucky Derby®, the Belmont Stakes encourages attendees to sport fancy hats during their days at the races.  Known for being the online source for all things unique, handmade and/or vintage, Etsy is a fabulous resource when it comes to finding that one-of-a-kind headpiece.  A simple search on Etsy for “Kentucky Derby hat” (your best bet for finding a wide selection) yields more than 7,000 results – and that doesn’t include the pieces that can be custom-ordered by shop owners who specialize in designing such hats.  Even if you don’t see “the one,” you’re guaranteed to get some unique ideas just from browsing the selection!


Trust us – you can look good without baring it all.  Leaving a lot to the imagination is the best way to present yourself at an event steeped in tradition like the Belmont Stakes, and the easiest way to ensure that you won’t be denied admittance to any areas with strict dress code regulations.


Belmont Park doesn’t have strict standards as far as attire goes, but they do set clear expectations of what’s inappropriate.  The NYRA (New York Racing Association) calls for “elegant attire” and provides these guidelines for Belmont Park.


Your outfit to the third and final jewel of the Triple Crown is not something you want to scrounge up at the last minute – get a jump start by finding the perfect dress and ordering a custom hat before the busy season arrives!  Whatever you wear, though, make sure you wear it to a classy venue.  What better place to make a statement than the Diamond Room in the North Shore Terrace?  Our clubhouse packages include access to this lavish hospitality venue and so much more – follow the link below to check them out!


P.S. You can read up on men's fashion essentials for the Belmont Stakes here!

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